Environmental protection

Modern technology for highly effective environmental protection vehicles.

SK TEC environmental protection vehicles offer high cleaning performance
with minimal water consumption at the same time: Whether for environmentally friendly
Roadway cleaning, oil spill removal, dust binding, or cleaning operations.

SK TEC Environmental protection vehicles

Effective surface or component cleaning by high-pressure jet

Cleaning of water-polluting substances by high pressure vacuum

Application of bonding agents on milled pavements

Optimized dust binding due to finest droplet formation

SK TEC Vehicles effective
Cleaning technology

Vehicles for dust binding
and cleaning operations

Cleaning vehicles

Vehicles for
Bitumen spraying

SK TEC Technology Unique Selling Propositions

Extremely water-efficient and highly effective extinguishing technology

A firefighting vehicle must be able to extinguish for at least 40 to 60 minutes on one tank of fuel, while still being able to drive to and successfully extinguish long fire fronts.

It is crucial for the extinguishing success that the vehicles are mainly busy with extinguishing and not with fetching water!

Pump technology

SK TEC GmbH has developed a new type of gear pump that reaches pressures of up to 100 bar, can also pump dirty water without a filter and is maintenance-free.

Extinguishing monitor

Along with the new pump technology, the multi-range high-pressure monitor is capable of throwing out continuously adjustable water at 10 up to 100 bar.

This means that the extinguishing system can be flexibly adjusted to any fire situation, no matter how different it may be.

For the first time, this system combines low water consumption, long throwing distances and large effective extinguishing areas.

Surface cleaning

Our specifically developed and patented stem is adaptable to almost any vehicle and enables a thorough cleaning of surfaces in case of oil traces and oil disasters.

This stem is optionally available with an pre-brushing unit in order to be able to carry out intensive cleaning in the case of particularly heavy contamination, if required.

The downstream suction unit finally removes all residual substances.

SK TEC Technology & Vehicles

Extremely water efficient


Highly effective

Extremely time saving

Highly rapidly deployable

Excellent all-terrain capability


Almost maintenance-free

Effective extinguishing operations

Immediate and fast extinguishing everywhere also in ammunition contaminated & difficult to access areas


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