Fire post-processing

Fire post-processing with the latest technology
With the help of effective SK TEC multi-area extinguishing technology,
glow nests can be extinguished quickly and efficiently, up to a ground depth of 1 meter.
Immediately applicable and less physically stressful
than conventional processes.

The SK TEC extinguishing system

Time advantage, as immediately ready for use (both through existing rapid-attack reel and through special piercing lance)

The extinguishing water is pressed into the ground by the high pressure and reaches the ember vein very quickly and extinguishes it, as well as the ember nest completely

No need for tedious breaking up of the soil

Less physically demanding than conventional measures (such as breaking up the soil)

Topographical differences in terrain of several hundred meters is no problem for us

SK TEC extinguishing technology for fire post-processing

SK TEC - Fire post-processing

Due to climate change, the deep drying of the ground continues to progress, presenting fire departments with ever-increasing challenges. This is where the new and innovative multi-zone extinguishing technology comes in.
Landfill fire fighting with piercing lance
SK TEC piercing lance 6 meters
(up to 8 meters length possible)


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