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Effectively extinguish urban & forest fires, ammunition conatminated and
hard to access areas:

in the shortest possible time, everywhere.

Interview with Albrecht Broemme, Honorary President THW – “A huge step forward in firefighting

SK TEC interviews the Honorary President of the THW about the increasing danger of vegetation fires and the advanced technology of SK TEC GmbH.

Interview with Albrecht Broemme, Honorary President of the THW –
A huge step forward in firefighting

SK TEC interviews the Honorary President of the THW about the increasing danger of vegetation fires and the advanced technology of SK TEC GmbH.

Ammunition contaminated areas

We are experts in firefighting on ammunition contaminated and hard to access areas.


Forest Fires

Using our advanced multi-zone firefighting technology, even hard-to-extinguish wildfires can be contained, anywhere.

Fire post-processing

Our specially manufactured extinguishing lances enable the rapid extinguishing of even the most stubborn pockets of fire.

The SK TEC extinguishing system

Only 10% of the usual water consumption

10-fold extinguishing durability with highest possible extinguishing efficiency

Immediately ready for use without long hose laying

High throwing distances and large effective areas despite fine atomization and low water volume

Areas of application

The sought-after areas of application for the know-how and technology of SK TEC GmbH are extensive and wide-ranging. These include the following core areas:

Forest Fire Fighting

Vegetation firefighting

Forest fire fighting on areas contaminated with ammunition

Disaster Management

Critical infrastructure protection

Settlement protection (personal rescue / evacuation)

Surface cleaning of oil traces and oil disasters

Vegetation irrigation

Bark beetle control

Artikel in der Rheinischen Post über SK TEC Loeschpanzer und Waldbrand-Technik

Interview in the Rheinische Post:

(19.12.2022) SK TEC-Manager Daniel Schade provides information in Germany’s second largest regional daily newspaper.
The interview is about the conversion of the Marder armoured personnel carrier into a firefighting vehicle and an enquiry from Ukraine. You can find the article Löschpanzer und WaldbrandTechnik in the Rheinische Post+.

Artikel in der Rheinischen Post über SK TEC Loeschpanzer und Waldbrand-Technik

Article in the Fire Brigade Magazine:

(24.02.2023) This issue of Europe’s widestreach magazine for firefighting & fire protection is about, among other things, the new forest fire fighting vehicle (TLF-W), which SKTEC has developed in cooperation with Securitas Fire&Safety.
The article reports on the technical details of the vehicle, as well as the incredibly powerful advantages that this prototype brings to fighting forest and vegetation fires. You can find the detailed article via PDF by clicking the button below.


We at SK TEC GmbH have set our target at revolutionizing fire extinguishing technology.
In this way, we actively support climate protection by significantly reducing CO2 emissions caused by forest fires!

How do we achieve this?

We have developed a gear pump that can pump process water at pressures of up to 100 bar without filter and is maintenance-free. This, in combination with our specifically developed multi-range extinguishing monitor, generates an extinguishing jet that has a long throw distance of up to 60 meters and unfolds an effective area with a diameter of 5 to 8 meters in the immediate vicinity of the fire. This makes it up to eight times more effective than any other conventionally used extinguishing jet. Due to the special atomization during the formation of water droplets and the structure of the extinguishing jet, the water flow rate is 90% lower than usually used extinguishing systems.


Water-saving and effective extinguishing technology results in shorter fire times, less carbon dioxide is emitted and various life forms have better chances of survival in the forest floor. This protects the climate and biodiversity in equal measure.

Every year, 21% of global CO2 emissions are caused by forest fires.
This is equivalent to operating a coal-fired power plant for 5 years for the emissions of a single fire.
It is therefore essential for climate protection that the extremely polluting problem of forest fires be eliminated.

Many of the fires are inaccessible by conventional fire trucks due to their location.
Also, long distances to the nearest extinguishing source makes it difficult to extinguish quickly before a fire escalates.

Our task and objective is to produce effective and modern fire-fighting vehicles and technology,
that can extinguish fires immediately and efficiently, even in life-threatening and hard-to-reach places.

Forest fires often start in places that become highly flammable due to increasing drought.
Extinguishing these fires require vast amounts of water.

Before a fire can be extinguished, traditional fire trucks usually have to lay a hose, sometimes 10 up to 30 kilometer long, before extinguishing the fire. This not only costs valuable time, but also intensifies the amount of water required. These huge amounts are necessary with conventional extinguishing technology in order to achieve a sufficient volume of water.

SK TEC extinguishing vehicles have been specially designed to effectively extinguish directly on site for over 1h without the need to lay a hose. Modern extinguishing technology, which immediately smothers the fire with fine water dust instead of trying to drown it, allows fires to be extinguished immediately with minimal water consumption.

In recent years, forest fires have led to a massive decline in biodiversity. Forest fires destroy not only the trees and plants, but also the lives of many animals. These animals no longer have a place to hide or forage for food. Forest fires can also cause massive environmental damage when toxic fumes are released into the air. To preserve biodiversity, forest fires must be prevented and quickly extinguished.

SK TEC offers technology that can detect forest fires at an early stage. By means of state-of-the-art vehicles and extinguishing technology, fires can be extinguished quickly, which is indispensable to prevent damage to biodiversity caused by fires.

About SK TEC

SK TEC GmbH has comprehensive specialized knowledge in the areas of new development, design and production of innovative products in the technology fields of surface cleaning technology, fire extinguishing technology and drive technology.

For us, entrepreneurial thinking, the highest level of consulting expertise, and the establishment of long-term, loyal customer relationships are the foundations of sustainable success.

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Is the topic of forest fires relevant to Germany at all?

Yes, the issue of forest fires is relevant to Germany. In recent years, there have been repeated forest fires in Germany that have destroyed large areas. Forest fires threaten not only vegetation and animals, but also people. In recent years, several cities and towns have taken protective measures to protect the public from wildfires. These include banning fireworks in forests and posting warning signs in vulnerable areas.

The relevance of forest fires depends on a variety of factors. These include among others

  • the regional affiliation of the forest
  • The extent and intensity of the fire
  • the amount of damage
  • the number of people involved
  • the neighborhood to settlement areas.

Forest fires also cause air pollution in Germany, which can lead to respiratory diseases, cardiovascular problems and cancer. They destroy habitats for animals and plants and contribute massively to climate change, accounting for 21% of annual global CO2 emissions.

Why is it so difficult to keep wildfires under control?

A forest fire can be very difficult to extinguish because of the enormous area that can be affected and the difficulty of access.

Wildfires often require a combination of fire crews and fire trucks to extinguish. Firefighting crews often have to fight their way through dense terrain and fight the fire from multiple sides at once. They have to make their way through the thicket and often have to deal with fierce wind and smoke.

Additionally, wildfires can quickly grow in size and spread to large areas. If the wind gets stronger, it can be very difficult to bring the fire under control. All these factors make it difficult to extinguish a forest fire. However, it is important to fight the fire as soon as possible to avoid further damage.